The Power Of Positive Thinking... At The Gym?

Even if you love exercise, odds are you’ve had negative thoughts about it at some point. We get frustrated because we are tired, sore, not motivated or seeing no results. What I didn't know is that these negative thoughts were stopping me from getting the mental benefits of the exercise. A recent study conducted by the Department of Sports Science of the University of Freiburg has shown that fitness and sports players get more benefits, both psychological as well as neurophysiological, from having a positive attitude about exercise.


The test subjects of the study were divided into groups, depending on whether they believed exercise would provide a positive effect. After exercising, the test subjects with a positive attitude towards exercise improved their mood and reduced their anxiety more than those with negative thoughts towards exercise. Additionally, measurements of their brain activity showed that those who believed exercise was good for them were more relaxed on a neuronal level. Who would have thought that positive thinking would be the ultimate sports and fitness motivator!


Whether you are hitting the links or crushing the weights, it might pay off to stay positive despite how frustrated we are! Science showed us that positive thinking is a self fulfilling prophecy, both in sports and in life! If we are going to put in the work, we should get those positive benefits out of it. It’s time to turn that frown upside down! Just a little positive thinking about exercise and sports can do wonders for our moods, brains and bodies!

Find out more about this study here.


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