Golf Needs A New Tiger

Last week, I traveled back home for a very special occasion: My 10 year high school reunion. When I talked to one of my dear friends about The Fit Golfer Girl Blog she made an observation I couldn't get out of my head. She told me that as a non-golfer, when she thinks golf, she thinks of Tiger Woods.  I wanted to correct her and tell her that Tiger is no longer one of the main players in the sport. But, there was no point. She was right. With the popularity of golf declining, our sport is in desperate need of a new Tiger Woods.


Twenty years ago, Tiger Woods became a pro and changed the sport forever. Not only he will go down in history as one of the best players of all times , he also did something that only legendary players like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer have been able to do. He was able to crush down the walls that separate the golfing world from the real world. He became a name that everyone knew. He inspired both golfers and non-golfers alike. His red shirt became a synonym of passion, drive and victory. His total domination of the sport inspired many young kids to pick up a set of clubs and start playing a sport they wouldn't have known of if it wasn't for Tiger. He taught the world that golfers are athletes too. And even though his fall from grace was anything but graceful, still to this day, when people think of golf, they think of Tiger Woods.


It’s no secret that our favorite sport has been going through a rough patch. The number of golfers has been steadily declining, and more courses close every year. Nike Golf is a thing of the past, and many competitors are probably trying to find an exit strategy before it’s too late. We are in desperate need of a new hero. We need a new Tiger. Someone who will get everyone excited about the sport again. Someone who is charismatic, talented, and can be the face of golf to the world. Someone who will get non-golfers excited, and who will revolutionize the sport to fit our fast changing times. Being the new Tiger won’t be an easy task. Whoever is up for the challenge has some big shoes to fill. We can only hope that our future hero is somewhere out there working hard for a dream that one day will come true. Wherever you are future Tiger, hurry up. Golf needs you. 


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