World Long Drive: The Ultimate Golf Recruiting Tool

Last week, we had the opportunity to witness one of the coolest displays of technique and strength. I didn't say finesse. I didn't even say golf. Because what we saw was completely different. The World Long Drive Championship isn't your typical or traditional golf event. It doesn't come close. It doesn't want to come close. It’s a category of its own. I am all about the evolution of golf. When I saw those guys and gals swinging for the fences, I knew that the excitement and simplicity of this event is exactly what golf needs.


In case you missed it, the World Long Drive format is pretty simple. Two guys or gals go against each other in a match play format. They have 2 minutes to hit 8 balls as far as they can inside a 50 yard wide grid. Whoever hits the longest shot inside the grid, moves on to the next round. Truth is, my lame description doesn't do this event justice. This is one of those things you have to experience for yourself. The crowd is cheering, the players are swinging, and the balls keep on rolling past the 400 yard line. The excitement is undeniable. This is not the kind of golfing event you sleep through. You can’t keep your eyes off the screen, and this year’s champion didn't disappoint. Joe Miller took his second WLD title with a 439 yard drive right down the pipe!



On the night of the event, I tweeted that WLD is a fun and exciting mix of golf and football. It gives golf a different vibe. I have heard many people say that they can’t watch golf on TV because its too boring. But this is not boring! It’s exciting, and most important it makes you want to go out there and swing as hard as you can! Golf is a very complex sport made up of many pieces. But when you take the most exciting one of them all and make it an event of its own, you’ve got the ultimate golf recruiting tool. You don't have to be a scratch golfer to try to hit your driver as far as you can. I am sure many of the viewers, golfers or not, went to their local driving range to try their luck this weekend. Many of them will be back next weekend. And maybe a handful of them will eventually fall in love with the sport of golf.  What starts as a long drive inspired by a cool and unique contest, could become a life long affair with our lovely sport. This my friends, is exactly what golf needs.


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