Birdie Paradise Review

My friends at Birdie Paradise sent me some of their awesome products to review! I am a Florida girl who loves flamingos! I love them so much I always wear a flamingo necklace! I was thrilled when I received a box filled with the coolest flamingo themed golf stuff!

IMG_5874 2.JPG

First of all, the Birdie Paradise blender bottle is my favorite! I love Blender bottles. Not only do I use them for my protein shakes, I also use them as my daily water bottles. Why? Because they are so easy to clean! I am a water bottle clean freak and I hate it when I can’t give mine a good scrub because the opening is too small. This is not a problem with Blender bottles! Open the lid, stick your full hand in the bottle (sponge included), and go to town! They are very sturdy and BPA free. The Birdie Paradise adorable design and colors is only a plus!

IMG_5595 2.JPG

My lovely flamingo towel is super cute and absorbent. The first couple of weeks I used it as a gym towel because I didn't want to get it dirty. Eventually I gave in and took it to the course where I got a million compliments on it. 



The ball marks and tees are so cute!  Great colors and even cuter designs! Makes me smile every time I take one out of my pocket!


Thanks Birdie Paradise! You know how to make this Florida girl smile!


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