The Ryder Cup Madness

The 2016 Ryder Cup will go down in history as one of the most fun and exciting golf events in history. The Arnold Palmer chant at the first tee. The multiple appearances from the one and only Bill Murray.  The heated exchanges between the players and the fans. Tiger Woods making a comeback as a co-captain. All of these events made for an unforgettable Ryder Cup. However, there was one thing that really caught my attention this past weekend. Team Spirit. The Ryder Cup gets people fired up in a way no other major golf tournament can. Even the players’ attitude drastically changed after adding a team/patriotic sentiment to the sport. We all enjoy watching the Majors every year, and we all have a favorite player that we always cheer for. But there’s something special about a taking an individual sport and making it a team challenge. Change up the rules a bit. Make it fun for the audience and the players, and you’ve got yourself a magic pill.


So what’s the secret to the Ryder Cup’s success? Is it the match play format? Is it the fact that we like to cheer for our country or continent? Is it the fact that players get to interact with the crowd? I think it’s a combination of all three. Patriotism alone might have gotten the US Olympic team a little more support than usual, but not enough to call it the only contributing factor to Ryder Cup success. Players interacting with the audience is a nice and refreshing change from the robot like players we see on TV. But golf requires tons of concentration, and having players mingling with the fans all the time is completely unrealistic. So, is it the match play format? I doubt it. If this were the case, other match play championships would get the same amount of coverage and excitement as the Ryder Cup, and they certainly don't. Now let’s combine all three. A fun format such as match play that allows the players to relax, and more fans that understand what is going on. A sense of belonging that makes us cheer for our country or team even if we don't play golf. And a bunch of players having fun. That’s the secret to Ryder Cup success.


Old school minds are hard to change. Especially in sports like golf that carry hundreds of years oftradition. But wouldn't it be nice if we had more events like the Ryder Cup to look forward to? I think so! And would that be a good way to recruit a few more golf fans? You bet! Would we be able to get more sponsors and attract a new demographic? Absolutely! Perhaps the future of golf has been sitting right in front of our noses the entire time! Maybe it’s time we start paying attention to what gets people excited and take golf in that direction. There’s only one Ryder Cup, but perhaps we should create more events like it. Golf needs them.


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