Hello there Fit Golfers! Carolina here!

Are you ready to get fit for golf (and life) this summer? If your answer is YES, then this program is perfect for you!

This program is perfect for golfers looking for new tools to improve their golf swing rotation, flexibility, core strength, swing speed, and energy at the golf course!

Let me tell you a bit more about the program:

  • The TRX Golf Fitness Program consists of 4 WORKOUTS PER WEEK for a period of 8 WEEKS.

  • The workouts will be delivered via the Fit Golfer Girl smartphone app and will include demonstration videos with explanations for all of the exercises.

    • You will have access to the app for 8 weeks and will have the option to print your workouts. Once the 7 weeks are up, you can renew access to the app for $40 a month (This will allow you to continue to have access to the tracking system and instructional videos of the program).

  • I will be available via email to answer any of your questions.

  • The workouts can be performed at home or at the gym and you will only need the following tools:

  • Perfect for golfers with BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE fitness levels

    • Looking for an advanced program? Check out my personalized programs here!

  • We’ll be using the tools listed above to work on your FLEXIBILITY, ROTATION, CORE STRENGTH, GLUTE STRENGTH, POSTURE, and SWING SPEED. Improvements in these skills will translate to longer drives, a better golf swing, less aches and pains, and a decreased risk of injury at the golf course.


The TRX golf fitness program has a cost of $150 (not including cost of the TRX and other tools needed)

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  • Get the TRX Golf Fitness Program for only $80! (That’s only $10 per week!)

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